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Providing your children with healthy food alternatives at an early age is important way to improve their lifelong health. This is especially challenging for parents today when their efforts are thwarted at every turn by attention-grabbing advertisements and enticing toy promotions often linked to junk foods packed with high fructose corn syrup — and not much else.

By Can-Do Parents for Can-Do Parents:

Studies show that choosing whole grains over refined grains lowers the risk of many chronic diseases afflicting younger and younger children as the obesity epidemic rages on: diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and many cancers. The myriad benefits of whole grains are compelling and undeniable, so our choice to base our patented vegan recipes on gluten-free whole grain brown rice and fruit juices was an easy one.  

Forget Junk Food—This is Whole Food!

Froose® “sneaks” a powerful balance of beneficial whole food nutrients, complex carbohydrates, and dietary fiber into the yummy, familiar snack formats that kids already crave. The result: convenient, allergen-free Grab-and-Grow® nutrition designed to fuel the healthy growth and development of children and empower busy families who shouldn’t have to sacrifice nutrition or  their schedules.

The Happiest Meal:

Convenience Without Cutting Corners

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The best bites from our Can-Do Blog, written by the Mom Inventor, Denise Devine, for parents who “can do” everything:




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