The Froose® Revolution

Froose® is devoted to making a difference in children’s developmental health by creating wholesome, delicious, and nutritionally superior products. We aim to continually build upon our relationships with parents, pediatricians, nutritionists, dieticians, and other health and wellness experts to pursue new ways to deliver healthy and convenient options to parents who want to provide their children with the best. Our products not only maintain nutritional integrity but also offer children a fun and tasty way to feel nourished and energized by wholesome, all natural food.

Snacking Reinvented

We derive our all natural ingredients from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Our products’ nutritional content is based on the nutrient balance present in whole foods because they are always the healthiest choice. However, when fresh fruits and vegetables are not available, Froose® is a gluten-free, gelatin-free, vegan, kosher dietary supplement to a healthy diet.

Taste and See!

Our company was founded by food industry executive and mother Denise Devine, who was concerned by the prevalence of junk food in schools and wanted more wholesome, convenient options for her own kids. Along with food scientists at The International Food Network at Cornell University, she developed a truly innovative method of creating nutritionally superior, whole food-based products.

Every aspect of Devine’s products, from the ingredients, nutritional profile, serving size, and packaging, was chosen with growing children and their parents’ needs in mind. Her research sparked an insatiable passion for children’s nutrition that inspired Devine to found Froose® Nutritional Brands and led to her roles as children’s nutrition advocate and industry thought leader.

Froose® Gives Kids Plenty to Chew On:

Mom-invented and child-approved flavors that appeal to the kid in all of us.

Taste and See For Yourself!
What is "Grab-and-Grow® Nutrition"?

Froose® Nutritional Brands takes a truly holistic approach to its products. Every single component of our patented whole foods-based process is guided by our core principles: all natural and all beneficial. From the very start, when our company was still Denise Devine’s flash of inspiration, Froose® has always put growing children first. Froose® products’ ingredients, nutritional profile, serving size, and packaging are all designed for proactive parents by proactive parents. 


The Froose® Family motto captures

who we are,

what we stand for,

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