Big Brother is Watching….in the Aisles of the Grocery Store!

If you are concerned about how your online shopping and browsing activities are being monitored, well get ready because (to borrow an old phrase)… . “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”.   Joseph Turow has written a provocative and informative book that details how shopping is changing. Stores are increasingly collecting and using vast amounts of information about us, including about our finances, health, where we live and much more. Beyond the basic privacy concerns, all this information is being used to make decisions about. Retailers can decide which customers merit more attention and correspondence and what price to charge one person vs. another for the same product; are we valuable.

big brother

Turow’s book also effectively describes how all this new retailer data power can disadvantage and harm us. For example, we may be classified as a consumer who doesn’t deserve the best treatment. However, there are many more implications so it is important that we are informed and aware. The collection of our personal data is at best “creepy” but “at worst” the predictions made by retailers and their partners based on this data may cast us as someone whom we are really not, which could hurt our future prospects. The book “The Aisles Have Eyes…How Retailers Track Your Shopping, Strip Your Privacy and Define Your Power” provides insightful information about how our everyday experiences are being transformed and what we all have at stake.

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