Find answers to frequently asked questions below. Looking for more information? Check out our Nutrition Center or feel free to contact us directly.

What exactly is Froose®?

Froose® is a brand of delicious and nutritious whole food products specially made and packaged for the healthy childhood growth and development. The Froose® beverage, a combination of organic, gluten-free whole grains and all natural fruit juice, was the initial product to proudly carry the Froose® name. Denise Devine, a concerned mom, developed Froose® products with the help of food scientists at The International Food Network at Cornell because she was searching for a truly innovative solution to the lack of healthier drink options for children.

What makes Froose® different?

Froose® products are patented, gluten-free, all natural, whole food-based snacks that deliver the dietary fiber and nutrients not present in other kids’ products. Froose® fruit snacks are a healthy and convenient alternative in a fun and familiar format that children enjoy in their lunch boxes or at any time throughout the day.

What does “Froose®” mean?

The Froose® name represents our blend of fresh whole foods, fruit juice, and fiber. It’s also fun to say, delightful to rhyme, and easy to remember — all of which keeps the connection between nutrition and great taste engaging for young consumers!

Why are whole grains important?

Whole grains supply complex carbohydrates, protein, dietary fiber, and other nutrients children need to maintain energy and build bones and muscles. Like many adults, the vast majority of children do not consume even close to the recommended daily amount of fiber. Whole grains and fiber have been clinically proven to prevent heart disease and cancers. With the obesity epidemic raging in our youth, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancers are afflicting younger and younger children. Adopting nutritionally sound eating habits from the start, like including more whole grains throughout the day, sets kids on the path to better lifelong health.

Is Froose® gluten-free?

Yes. We specifically make our products with organic brown rice so that all children can enjoy Froose®.

Is Froose® allergen-free?

Yes, Froose® is completely allergen-free.

Is Froose® kosher?

Yes, Froose® products are kosher-certified.

Is Froose® vegan?

Yes, our fruit snacks are gelatin-free and vegan.

How is Froose® sweetened?

We use gluten-free brown rice syrup as a sweetener, which has a relatively low glycemic index rating of 25.

What is the glycemic index?

The glycemic index ranks foods on a scale of 0 to 100 based on their effect on blood sugar levels. Refined table sugar rates a 64 and pure glucose clocks in at a whopping 96.

How much Froose® should my child eat?

Froose® has 3 grams of fiber per 26-gram serving. You can provide Froose® throughout the day based on your child’s individual nutrition requirements. Because Froose® is not loaded with simple sugars and empty calories, Froose® is a good way to help your child get their recommended amount of dietary fiber each and every day.

Where can I find more nutritional information?

Both of our fruit snack flavors, Berry Blend and Assorted Fruit, list all nutrition facts on their profile pages. You can also find a more in depth explanation of how Froose® products’ nutrient blend optimizes digestion elsewhere on our website.

Where can I buy Froose®?

Froose® fruit snacks are available for purchase in our online store. We are in the process of expanding our retail presence, starting in our hometown of Philadelphia.

Is Froose® available in bulk?

Absolutely! We are always open to new partnerships. Contact us for details.