Welcome from the Mom Inventor

Dear Parents,

When my older children (I have three) were toddlers, I found myself in the somewhat unique position of being an executive with a major food company by day and a frustrated consumer by night (actually, let’s face it: by day, too!). I was consistently concerned by the lack of nutritious food products available for young children in the marketplace. I set out to develop nutritious alternatives that would incorporate the whole food nutrients — complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber — that young children need to grow. The nutritional profile of Froose makes it an ideal snack throughout the day, great for finicky eaters and busy children who won’t take the time to stop activities to eat when they are “on-the-go”

When I designed my product, I was also concerned about pesticides and wanted to use as many organic ingredients as possible. Because we were committed to finding a way to incorporate all of the nutrients in whole foods, Froose ® took years to develop and is so innovative that it is actually patented.

We hope we have provided a useful and convenient product that makes your life easier and enriches the lifelong health of your children. As we grow, we pledge to be steadfast in our commitment to quality and nutrition. We have no choice but to develop the best products — they’re for our children, too!


Denise Devine

CEO & Founder, Froose Nutritional Brands


Welcome to the Froose Family!

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A great deal of thought, commitment, energy, and time went into developing Froose ® product offerings. We are passionate about delivering superior products to young children and we know healthy products can taste great and be fun for kids. On the front of every box and package of Froose ® is our friendly mascot, Milton the Froose ® Moose. Milton helps kids associate good nutrition with fun, and the rest of his lovable family will bring even more excitement to children as they learn about healthy eating habits. Milton and his wife Meredith have two delightful little calves, Molly and Mitchell. These memorable characters and are just as fun as the Froose ® name itself, and help establish the connection between better dietary choices, great taste, and fun at an early age.

Welcome to ‘Grab-and-Grow’ nutrition!

Froose ® Nutritional Brands takes a truly holistic approach to its products. Every single component of our patented whole foods-based process is guided by our core principles: all natural and all beneficial. From the very start, when our company was still Denise Devine’s flash of inspiration, Froose ® has always put growing children first. Froose ® products’ ingredients, nutritional profile, serving size, and packaging are all designed for proactive parents by proactive parents. 

Shared Community

In our digital age, Froose’s tagline has taken on a new meaning. Our goal is not merely collecting capital; on the contrary, our customers are families. Froose products attract consumers with something special in common: they love children and want to teach them the value of healthy dietary choices. Reaching out to our customers and staying connected through our expanding website and other online networks is an important way for Froose to lead conversations about improving childhood nutrition and receive informed feedback from parents who accept our invitation to join the Froose Family.

Quality Ingredients

Froose makes carefully considered choices to offer families the healthiest options. Froose products combine the very best of all natural whole grains and fruit to create delicious and wholesome products with the optimal nutrient balance for healthy childhood development. Froose provides parents searching for alternatives to calorie-rich and nutrient-poor snack foods with solutions: tasty treats that lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Committed Partnership

Froose Nutritional Brands is not only committed to attentive and conscientious partnership with fellow parents, but also with the suppliers who impact the integrity of our products and eco-friendly packaging, the communities in which we operate, financial stakeholders who support our innovations, and other organizations that endeavor to improve the well-being of children. We are determined to clasp as many hands as possible so that the effects of our positive message and high quality products can grow. Together, parents can have a more powerful impact on what has always been our children’s world.