The Froose Story

How is Froose made?

Food industry executive and mother Denise Devine developed Froose ® products’ whole foods formulas, recipes so innovative that she filed 19 patents in the process! Along with food scientists at The International Food Network at Cornell University, she designed Froose ® beverages and fruit snacks as nutritious and good sources of dietary fiber by using only all natural whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Read more about our company’s origins in Denise’s Times Union and The Entrepreneurs Network Radio interviews. 

fruit snacks

What does Froose mean?

The Froose ® name represents our blend of fresh whole foods, fruit juice, and fiber. It’s fun to say, delightful to rhyme, and easy to remember — all of which keeps the connection between nutrition and great taste engaging for young consumers!

What’s next for Froose?

After the success of our beverages and fruit snacks, Froose ® is poised to maximize our positive impact on children’s nutrition. We’re constantly improving upon and expanding our range of products and flavors, reaching out to other parents to create local and online communities, collaborating with business and science professors and university students to strategically plan the company’s expansion, participating in family-oriented social change initiatives to make a difference, and partnering with larger distributors to bring ever more nutritious Froose ® products to an expanding market.