sweet science

The ‘Sweet Science’ behind Froose!

It’s no surprise that fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains keep our bodies healthy. After all, whole foods are in their natural state, chock full of nutrients that processing methods remove. The nutrient balance inherent in whole foods is Froose ®’s model for our products’ nutritionally complete composition. Balanced ingredients are the building blocks of a balanced diet!

Froose ® helps children create a foundation for lifelong well-being. Whole food nutrients and fiber prevent diabetes, cancers, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other maladies younger and younger children suffer in the raging obesity epidemic — but the vast majority of kids do not consume even close to the recommended daily amount needed for normal bone and muscle development. Integrating beneficial and naturally energizing nutrients like fiber and complex carbohydrates into a child’s diet as early as possible promotes healthy growth and inspires children to love healthy foods for life. When children are exposed to stimulating natural tastes and become acclimated to a healthy “full” feeling, they crave more wholesome choices, like Froose ®, over junk food with no nutritional value.

We know On-the-Grow ® families are always thirsty for more! Soon, kids will be able to enjoy Froose ® Juice, all natural whole grain and fruit juice beverages with the same nutritional advantages as our fruit snacks. Follow us on social media for updates on new Froose Nutritional Brand products.