Healthy Kids - Go With the Grain

Whole grains are an essential component of every child’s diet.  They form the base of the USDA Food Pyramid for kids with more servings of grains recommended per day than any other food type (Six servings of grains per day for children 2-6, half should be from whole grains). Whole grains continue to be a significant portion of the USDA daily food intake recommendations under the My Plate guidelines as well.  In addition to needed fiber, whole grains deliver B vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that help kids build muscles, bones and important cognitive skills.  Insufficient B vitamins, Niacin and Thiamine can affect attentiveness and mood.  Whole grains deliver an abundance of these nutrients which are so important for growing children.  In addition to being very heart healthy, whole grains support the development of the nervous system as well.  The fiber and complex carbohydrates in whole grains will also deliver satiety and can help kids maintain a healthy weight and aid in digestion.

The benefits of whole grains are compelling and the choice of gluten free whole grain brown rice was even more appealing.  We “sneak” these powerful whole food nutrients into the yummy, familiar beverage and snack formats that kids already love.  The result – Grab-and- Grow® nutrition for the healthy growth and development of children and the ease and convenience of busy families.